Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Coco Cocoon

Chanel has just given us one more excuse to book a fabulous weekend getaway this fall. Behold the Coco Cocoon collection of sleek travel bags, totes, and small accessory pieces. Aptly named, these bags are the perfect intersection of cozy puffer jacket and classic Chanel quilting and detailing. Trust me – if I could wrap myself up in Chanel handbags I would and clearly the creative team at Chanel is playing right into my obsession. The collection is available in washed lambskin (pricey) and lightweight nylon (attainable) and comes in a muted palette of grey, dark brown, taupe, navy, and black. As an added bonus each piece is reversible to the shade of quilted garnet from the original 2.55 bag. That’s right… two gorgeous Chanel bags for the price of one. Amen.

Available at Chanel stores this month.

The Cocoon online ad campaign has these great videos showing the versatility of the bags, like we really needed one more reason to love Chanel - now it's practical too!

Check out images from the new ad campaign (shot by the master himself Karl Lagerfeld) featuring Lily Allen channeling a very au courant Holly Golightly.

Thank you Chanel!

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