Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Favorites

Every Friday we will bring you a combined post of our favorites. Could be our favorite new website or restaurant, maybe a new designer we are drooling over, or a product we've discovered. If you have a favorite something you'd like to share, post a comment, we'd love to hear from you!

This week we are showing you our individual Fall fashion wish lists. Some of these items will probably remain just a "wish" but with any luck some may just make it into our closets, and perhaps yours too. We created these separately and when we pulled them together to create this post we noticed something.... we're all very gray this season. Perhaps the change in weather is making us gloomier than usual or perhaps with the introduction of new silhouettes - harem pants, boxy blazers, dramatic shoulders, we just want to play it safe with color, and grays and blacks seem to be the safe zone of fashion. Maybe next year we'll be rocking hot pink and cobalt blue.

We've used Polyvore to assemble these collages - if you're not familiar with it check it out, it's guaranteed to show you a good time. For information on where to purchase these items just click on the images below.

Laura's Picks...

Fall Wardrobe Essentials

Since we don't get much of a change of seasons here in Southern California, I'm lusting after this collection of pieces to help usher me into Fall. A monochromatic palette with texture, versatility, and understated glamour...perfect for transitioning to slightly cooler days ahead.

Sybil's Picks...
Fall Fashion 2

Here in Bali, I might not be entering Fall but a monsoon season instead. Wellingtons and an overlarge umbrella might suit better. However, I still keep a closet of essentials in case a trip pops up and of course I have an eye on exactly what I would like to wear there. My selects for a fall fantasy in NYC.

Leslie's Picks...
Fall wish list
When the weather turns colder here in NY I want clothes that are comfortable so I gravitate towards jersey, cashmere and denim. If it wraps, drapes and covers I am all about it. Punching up the style with chunky jewelry, classic bags and sexy shoes will help pull all the looks together.

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