Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Share the Love... Great Blogs

If you've ever spent time searching through blogs for ideas and inspiration you know that there is no shortage of great sites out there. There are blogs for just about everything (I even found one all about pickles - don't ask why I was even looking!). The point is there is a plethora, some good, some bad and we at Style Collective certainly don't claim to be the only game in town. In fact, we search blogs all the time looking for inspiration. So don't feel like you're cheating on us if you spend some hours perusing other sites, we understand. Here are just a FEW of my personal favorites...

Absolutely Beautiful Things

A fun and feminine interior design blog.

This is Glamorous

Insanely beautiful photography of lovely spaces and things.

The Look For Less

Want the trendy designer looks for a fraction of the price? This blog is spot-on with their recommendations.

Rock Paper Scissors

A blog from the online store, Rock Paper Scissors, this is a fun and quirky blog for creative types.

Habitually Chic

A NYC based blogger writes about all things she finds chic, we agree!

Elements of Style

Fantastic site for everything from interior design to fashion (kind of like us!)

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