Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Favorites - Design Ideas

Are you stuck in a design rut? Here are a few ideas for your interiors that are sure to bring some new life to your spaces.

Laura's Pick...

Small Space: Big Statement

Powder rooms are so often overlooked from a design perspective but these rooms actually offer a fun opportunity to go outside of your decorating box and make a huge statement. Consider a gorgeous tile mosaic or a large print wallpaper to add personality to a small space. Here are some examples of creative wall treatments that transform these powder rooms from blah to brilliant.

Sybil's Picks...

Dress Your Walls

I love a good collage of eclectic art on a wall in an arrangement. As long as you pick similar color frames and hang with a good will end up with one giant composition of art. My favorite quick go to solution for a burst of color, texture and print is Walnut Wallpaper. For a small fee, you can have samples mailed to you. Shop a choice selection in your favorite color. Frame them with thought and voila.

Leslie's Pick...

Not Your Mother's Stencils

The word stencil might conjure up images of geese, or ivy... big in the 80's every well-dressed kitchen had a lovely border that someone loving stenciled onto the wall. Well times have changed and stencils now come in a variety of bold, graphic options. A very inexpensive way to bring in some drama to your space. A good source is The Stencil Library, there are even some free options available online here.

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