Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Favorites - Color Combinations

When it comes to decorating everyone seems to have their go-to color combos. Some are bold and not afraid to use brights like orange and cobalt while others prefer a more subdued palette of neutrals. Today we share with you our three personal favorite pairings.

Laura's Pick...

I love the simplicity of a black and white color scheme. It's elegant, sexy, and always makes a sophisticated statement.

Here are some favorite black and white rooms.

Here are a few of the black and white pieces I've used in my home.

Sybil's Pick...

I’m getting out of my comfort zone of my yellows and gray combo, blue and whites. Though I love them both… time for me to try something different.

Feeling the color PUNCH - like a bright coral. Mixed in with some fresh white, grounded by black and mixing in some pattern and luxury.


Leslie's Pick...

Try as I might to break out of my safe-zone I always seem to find myself gravitating towards the crisp combination of blue and white. It's a great palette to add a complimentary pop of color to. Orange works really well with this duo as does yellow, or gray, or red.... it's actually pretty darn good with any color you want to experiment with and of course it's great by itself, , maybe that's why I like it!

Both rooms above are from Aerin Lauder's home

LOVE this Blue Zig-Zag vase by Emilia Ceramics (a great source for blue and white ceramics!)

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