Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guest Stylist - Dawn Triemstra

Dawn Triemstra is a girls girl and hangs in an office full of cute surfer boys. As the Production Manager for Surfing Magazine and Skateboarder Magazine, she is also in charge of one of the best annual projects in addition to writing for various publications.

First step - head to Miami Swim show and take notes on all the fabulous suits about to be released for the next season, 2nd - super producer of the Surfing Swimsuit Issue released every year in March. Her travels and adventures have taken her around the globe. I met her on a golden sunset years ago in Mexico and her sunshine has always shined through!

Keep up the good work Dawn...can't wait to get our issues here in Bali!

Dawn Triemstra


Bikini Envy

As the producer of the SURFING Magazine Swimsuit Issue, I get to see more swimsuits than most women look at in an entire season… some would say they are jealous, though I wouldn’t be. Seeing all those cute one and two-pieces just gives me crazy bikini envy! Why can’t I have one of every style in my closet?! But truly, it is a perk to see what styles designers like L*Space, Insight, Vix, Billabong, Tigerlily, Tibi, Lenny and others have imagined for us to wear laying on the beach or poolside. Taking those pieces that are truly special and putting them in a setting that causes your heart to race a bit faster and inspiration to spring to mind is what my goal is and it’s far from an easy task.

Here is little peek at what we see, a behind the scenes as it were, that is then transformed, by the help of a super talented photographer (Lauren Ward), a creative stylist (Conor Graham), a hair and make-up genius (Jeannie Jeffries) and a team of dedicated and passionate magazine types (SURFING!).

We lug more suits than will ever be shot to our locations--plane flights, boat rides and car drives away.

We take the simple, though undeniably gorgeous, setting of a perfect beach…Voila!

And turn it into what you see, the image that will captivate and make you think, “I need that maillot for my summer trip to Martha’s Vineyard!” {Photo by Lauren Ward}

Or we find something as simple as a wall...

and turn it into a photographer’s studio! {Photo by Lauren Ward}

I know…I am lucky. Fabulous locations, gorgeous clothing and the satisfaction that is seeing a final product that stirs the creative types (like you)! Find the issue on newsstand now! Enjoy! Xoxo
{Cover Image by Lauren Ward}

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