Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guest Stylist - Lisa Boylan

Looking at our friend Lisa you'd never know she's a fan of hard-core, gangster rap. You'd also never know she's a cancer survivor. As a proud wife and mother of two boys, our gorgeous, petite, talented friend combines professional makeup artist with aspiring journalist and brings you today's post. Get used to seeing her name because we're trying something new here at The Style Collective... once a month Lisa will be bringing us her makeup and skincare tips. She's a bevy of knowledge so you may want to take notes.

Lisa Boylan - photo by Schiavonn Hasslinger


Skin changes with the seasons ... just like our wardrobe. It could, in essence, be considered our first layer of clothing. When we are chilled, we layer on cashmere – and when warm, we strip-down to crisp, cool cotton. Our skincare routine should be no different than seasonal clothing choices. While summer brings about heat and *gasp* perspiration, the frigid winter months can render skin parched.

Let's start with the basics... face-wash, eye cream, moisturizer. Morning and evening. It's essential to do these three things to maintain a youthful complexion and prevent fine-lines and wrinkles.

I highly recommend Dr. Perricone MD's Gentle Face Wash for all skin-types. There is no other wash on the market that I have found which leaves skin smooth and clean, without being stripped of moisture. It is free of soap and contains Olive Oil Polyphenols which deliver an abundance of anti-oxidants and also has anti-aging benefits. The wash can be used year-round if appropriate.

Eye cream is a must. Around our eyes is the most delicate, thin skin that we have ... it should be treated as such. Eye creams need not be excessively rich, but must be gentle. For the day, Cle de Peau Beaute's Eye Contour Balm Anti-Wrinkle is light-weight, yet velvety – a perfect way to start the day. La Prairie's Cellular Radiance Eye Cream is delectable. Used at night, it moisturizes, renews and illuminates leaving your waking eyes bright and refreshed.

Crème de la Mer is my winter cashmere. If I could bathe in it, head-to-toe, I would. It was originally created for burn victims - so, you can imagine the softness with which it envelops your skin. Your complexion becomes more firm and looks virtually crease-less... even the driest of complexions are healed. This is one cream that can be used morning and night. However, there are many who prefer to not have such an emollient cream during the day and would prefer to use something a bit lighter. In that case, my other favorite is Sisley's Sisleya Global Anti-aging Cream – a gentle moisturizer that fights off the free-radicals our skin is faced with daily.

Remember that you are your skin's gauge. As the seasons change, oftentimes your skin changes with it and it is up to us to clothe it appropriately, preventing future damage and maintaining its' supple, youthfulness as much as we can.

Want to present your skin something special? Then treat it to some of the most luxurious, effective and useful products out there:

Natura Bisse – Inhibit Dermafill... nothing works better than this serum to rid yourself of wrinkles. It truly is botox in a bottle

Fresh – Sugar Face Polish and Rose Face Mask ... a gentle, brightening scrub and a lightweight, hydrating mask

Mario Badescu - Drying Lotion... for the unsightly blemish

Fresh – Sugar Blossom Hand Treatment... extremely rich, it moisturizes to perfection without a sticky feel

Chanel – Purete Ideale Serum/T-Mat Shine Control... lightly controls unwanted shine

Clinique – Pore Minimizer Oil Blotting Sheets... these do not leave a residue

Kiehl's – Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15... lightweight and effective

Chantecaille – Lip Potion... lavender flower and rose oil for moisture

Revive – Fermitif Neck Renewal Cream... prevents sagging and has an SPF 15 for protection (the scent is beautiful, too)

We are never too young or too old to care for the skin we are in.

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