Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guest Stylist - Our Own Laura Weber!

We love having in-the-know-guests give us their tips and favorites and it looks like other blogs do as well. Our own Laura was recently asked to be a guest blogger on Chosen because she and her adorable daughter are always the epitome of style, Laura gave her picks on chic and affordable ensembles for little style mavens. Check out her post here!

Laura and her daughter

Some of the great pieces Laura suggests...

For shopping details on the above items visit the post on


  1. hi laura,
    it's kim, matt levesque's wife--do you have an 'ask a stylist' section? i need help! ;) i think matt told you about the book reception they are having for me in nyc at the plaza hotel--i need help with shoes!! ;) my p.r. woman said, no jeans, no ball gown--maybe a summer dress...i have a black linen dress (knee length), a kind of cool turquoise necklace--i'm thinking sandals but i'm at a loss. help!

  2. I am a stylist and even I turn to Laura for help! When I had a huge event in NY and needed to do a quick shop, she pulled all the links for me that I absolutely needed to see. I'm sure she can help you Kim! Good luck at your book reception...I'm sure it will be beautiful!