Monday, April 5, 2010

More Zac, Lower Price!

Last month we brought you the great news that Zac Posen was launching a more-affordable line at Saks called Z Spoke (read about it here). Now we bring you an even MORE affordable line by this visionary designer. Zac Posen for Target will officially be hitting stores on April 25th and we just saw the complete line, not bad! I'll be checking the goods out in person on the 15th at the 24-hour pop-up store in NY so I'll let you know if it's worth a trip to your local "Targe"

Here's your sneak peak...

Chambray Dress in Blue - $39.99
Zac Lipstick Tee in Red - $16.99
Braided Belt in Black - $24.99

Short-Sleeve Top in Safety Pin Print - $26.99
Chambray Bermuda Shorts in Blue - $27.99
Braided Belt in Blue/Pink - $24.99

Snap Tape Dress in Blue - $69.99

Brocade Tie Dress in Floral Print - $74.99

Raincoat in Yellow - $49.99
Ruched Skirt in Black - $34.99

Tuxedo Jacket in Black - $49.99
Pleated-Sleeve Top in White - $29.99

Tuxedo Pants in Black - $39.99

Scarf in Safety-Pin Print - $24.99

Sailor Dress in Tiger Print - $39.99
Braided Belt in Black - $24.99

Gown in Safety-Pin Print - $69.99

Photos and prices courtesy of Target.

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