Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Guest Stylist - Nicole Botto

Us girls at TSC have known and loved Nic for many years. Yes the girl is gorgeous but she's also got insane style and a wicked sense of humor. Not to mention she can cook, paint and sing karaoke better than anyone we know.

Nicole Botto


Who is your style icon?

An icon not only for style, but passion, creativity and fortitude- I have loved Frida Kahlo since I was a child. She wore her emotions and life experiences on her sleeves and used that as her muse to be a fantastic artist and style diva. She was so bold and literal with her use of color and images in her art, decor and dress. Her fashion is a mixture of classic Mexican culture, Viva La Revolucion, and her own bohemian chic. She played by no one's rules and plucked the inspirations from her surroundings and and life experiences to make up her own personal style.

What's playing on your iPod?

Jolie Holland's Escondida seems to be my latest fix for moody, raspy, girl-power music. She is one part Billie Holiday, one part Fiona and a dash of Cat Power. Great with a glass (or three) of some good Pinot, alone or during a dinner soiree at home.

What's the one item in your closet you can't live without?

I can't seem to take my Genetic Denim charcoal Davis jeans off! I think I'm in love. They are cigarette with a tiny bit of stretch and a little more slouch-perfect boyfriend jeans and so easy to dress up or down while keeping it edgy.

What is your favorite place in the world?

To have a single favorite place in the world...what a travesty to have to choose! My pick for today is Big Sur because I am missing Northern California. Big Sur is a magic place with the finest secluded hotels to the most amazing camping spots you will ever set your eyes on. Fantastic spas, food, hikes and all the while you're in awe of the gorgeousness around you.

What's the most used item in your makeup bag?

With a two year old in tow and little time on my hands for smokey-eye sessions these days I opt for Laura Mercier's Rose eye shadow. Brings out your eye color and is great for day or night. Day, I go single color, night I add a brown or warm plum in the crease with a smokey shadow liner. And of course- lots of dark lengthening mascara.

What is your favorite neighborhood restaurant?

My favorite local dining hot spot is Roppongi, located in the quaint village of La Jolla, CA. They offer a fantastic selection of Asian Fusion tapas as well as the some of the best sushi in town on their extensive happy hour menu. Happy hour is everyday from 4-6 PM.

What is your necessary extravagance?

My latest necessary extravagance is "Blading". No, not rollerblading. It's a procedure where an esthetician skims the surface of your skin with a very sharp razor blade and removes the top dead layers of skin. You are left smooth as a baby's bottom!

What is your definition of perfect happiness?

My definition of perfect happiness are the times when I am with my family and able to relax and just enjoy the present moment.

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