Tuesday, August 17, 2010

House Lust

The hubby and I are once again scouting for real estate and visions of mid-century architecture are dancing in my head. My dream house (sans the ocean view) came to life in the new issue of Elle Decor and I can't tear out the pages fast enough for my 'house file'. I'm lusting after every detail... the midcentury glass house architecture (designed by Phillip Johnson), the effortless mix of high/low finishes, the vintage furnishings, the gorgeous textiles, the kid-friendly decor... LOVE.

All images courtesy of Elle Decor

1 comment:

  1. Can I be your roommate? Being the daughter of a "left wing" architect this pictorial makes me feel at home. My mom worked on restoring Frank Llyod Wright properties when i was growing up and every time i step foot in or see a mid-century modern home its like spending the day with my mom. Love, Love, Love the photos!Thanks for sharing!