Monday, October 11, 2010

The Long Journey Home

Today I find myself packing for the next chapter. As I fold away my California life in the house where I met my husband, had my amazing children and started traveling the world again. I pull out my city clothes for New York, leopard jackets and baubles and close the lid on my Haviana's and soft tees better left for a life in sunny paradise. Butterflies in my stomach for a new day and environment and I reflect on life's journey and how much has changed. Photography has become a passion I never would have guessed I had and documenting anything and everything is satisfactory on so many levels. I close my art books, put them back on the shelf and hug my husband-who has shown me such a beautiful life and two of the most inspiring little beings who have equally embraced the world by our side.

Vintage leopard Jacket, Rings by Low Luv, House of Harlow, Anna Beck and Fallon

Vintage Necklace, Fringe scarf from Bali, textured vest from Barneys

Page from Annie at Work, Wedge Suede Platforms Steve Madden

Leather and fur studded purses found in an alley in Hong Kong late one night

Cutest kids flats ever...denim with an ankle buckle, too cute with leggings, Zara

Fallon Ring and more Dannijo

Vintage faux pearls

My hardworking husband in front of one of our first purchased paintings- La Dolce Vita-a scene from the Fellini film.

Sweet and sassy Milla and the skateboard art drawn with Dad. Cuba Libre.

My little muse- she'd like'd to be a scientist, surfer/golfer and a designer so I think that's an interesting mix. She will be busy.

Page from There are Many of Us. Love.

Lucite on notes from my great grandmother's Grace's scrapbook, found high in the closet today.

All photos taken while I should have been packing.


  1. Syb you amaze me everyday! You are so talented in everything you touch! You and Tay are raising beautiful children with amazing spirits and a zest for whatever they have been given to do that day, and in life! I have truly loved and embraced each moment we have been able to spend together while you and the fam are in CA. I know you will all love your adventures in the big city and all that you do from here forward!

  2. Are you moving to NY instead of Australia?

  3. Just to work on a few projects for a couple of months...but then yes on to Australia. Nicole, thank you for your sweet words. I love you.

  4. Thanks Fern and Feather, I've been drooling over your blog...such an inspiration!

  5. Best wishes and the happiest of birthdays! Great to see you, albeit briefly!