Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ladydanger- Lanvin

I pulled myself out of bed this morning in the wee hours to go stand in line at 59th and Lexington's H&M. I was 40th in line out of 500 of the city's most passionate fashionistas (or fashion victims-however you want to call it). I went to 1) experience this sort of fashion frenzy that could only take place in NY 2). I'm a sucker for one shoulder dresses and ruffles. Freezing for at least 4 hours, I got a wristband for the 2nd grouping of shoppers. The first time H&M has done this sort of organized chaos. The guy handing out wristbands had 3 bodyguards around him. The first 320 people were given special edition Lanvin ♥ H&M bags and silk scarves. Cafe au Lait and croissants were passed around on the house while we waited in line.

Shoppers were given limitations on how many pieces of each style they could buy and the whole collection was safely guarded on the 2nd floor in the corner by more security guards. There was not a chance anyone was slipping through the cracks. We were allowed in for 15 minutes in groups of 20. Only 20 women to push each other around instead of fighting with the other 500 people with their eyes and hearts set on Lanvin.

Once in, I tried not to be greedy and only picked Christmas presents and a few dresses in my size. Oh and some shoes. Two lipsticks. And a skirt. Unlike the old lady in the corner trying to figure out how to get out with 15 faux fur coats! Everything was done in style and grace by H&M. I bet Mr. Elbaz and team had some say in how this was to all go down. Rumor is the collection is only available in selected stores nationwide and will sell out by noon. Fini. Unless you can find it on Ebay so look for it NOW here!

Packaging and garmet bags are even beautiful!

Shoe Detail

Thanks Alber- we ♥ you too and well worth the fight for my frozen toes to go into your leopard heels.


  1. Loving these photos..I just want to ask if we can swap links, following and what the requirements are for a possible feature on your site? I am happy to cooperate in any way..(I have a collection comming out) and was hoping to find some suitable sites..xx Alice

  2. I have been a bit behind on catching up on the blog! This is such a fun post! Imagining you going through that with all the excitement was so much fun! Thank you for letting us all in on the fun and living it through you! (and thank you for my amazing dress!!!!! I am thrilled and can't wait to have fun in it!) XOXO