Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Recycled: Robert Rauschenberg at the Gagosian

From time to time I will recycle old posts that have gotten the most hits.  Artist's on our blog heavily outweigh the style section and I'm pleased that my favorite artist Robert Rauschenberg has received the most views. This is a blog entry from November of 2010, when we took a short time to live with the family in NYC and soak up all the amazing exhibits.

If I had to leave New York after just a few days and have seen only this exhibit with my daughters, I would be happy. I am happy. Probably my all time favorite artist, Robert Rauschenberg's private collection is on view at the Gagosian. My daughter particularly liked the combines and we would sit by each piece and name off the ingredients that made up it's composition-an old tire, trash, mouse traps. Particularly interesting to her 6 year old mind was the wall sculpture made of old brown boxes. You could see her brain processing- "How could that be art - it's not paint and there certainly is an absence of color"? Juxtaposed to this piece was a large scale collage full of color and fabric that indicated "the mess of life". Now can't every kid appreciate that in their creative state?

Rauschenberg- 1925 - 2008
Exhibit October 29th to December 18th 2010


  1. i would liked to have had some info on the paintings/pictures.

  2. Hi, maybe I could have been more specific, but if you click on Robert's name that is highlighted in orange, it takes you to the Gagosian link which has info on this exhibit as well as many other pieces that were in the exhibition. I wish I had more time at the gallery to take notes, but most of my time was repeatedly asking my kids to not touch the pieces that looked very enticing to 5 year old eyes :).