Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Muy Caliente

I love this editorial by photographer Nicole Bentley for Australia Vogue/ March 2011 Issue. Shot in Central Mexico, it stands for everything I love combined into one- on location exoticness, exploding vibrancy and ethnic textures. Top that off with a dose of glamour, polished hair and makeup, an amazing leather Marni dress, Josh Goot silk dress and miles of lemon yellow silk from Tommy Hilfiger. I died and went to Mexico in my dreams, margarita in hand of course.


  1. so right sybil - this is absolutely STUNNING!

  2. Timeless style. You can't hang these looks on a specific decade. The stylist here is genius. Looks like it was shot in San Miguel de Allende. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing these. Why is the US version of Vogue so inferior?

  3. I know Regina, I agree! I love Australian Vogue much more than US Vogue. Of course Paris takes the cake :).