Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eight Great Things to Love Right Now

1.  Isabel Marant Dress with fringe neck piece- F/W 2011

2. Pamela Love-Shelly Cuff


3. Endless Alexander Wang Booties available at Net-a-Porter

4.  Taven in Zig Zag by Acacia. Enough said.

5.  This is the only crop top outfit you WOULD find me in. Available at Shopbop by Richard Chai.

6.  Her photo portfolio is magical and she categorizes smartly by LOVE-LIVING-MONEY.
She's 18 and traveling the world shooting campaigns and her little sister when she's home. Really amazing.
7.   Contact High-Listen to it before you get sick of it because it's your new car driving- happy song- dance anthem until you get sick of it of course.
8.  Last but not least, Little Doe is Love headpieces. Yes you do need a crown made of feathers and sequins to dance around in the valley of the moon. Have I already been in Byron Bay too long? No matter, I will take one.

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