Monday, April 25, 2011

Back to Eden

The Style Collective is excited to share with you this semi exclusive editorial of Paul De Luna's beautiful story Back to Eden shot for West East magazine. Yet these aren't just pretty images. As explained by Paul:

For ‘Back to Eden’ we hypothesized a post-post apocalyptic world where all links to previous civilizations have been eradicated including language, means of production, architectural structures, historical records or even a linguistic way to understand those very few remnants that do persist. Nature has reclaimed the planet and the clock of humanity is reset to zero. Our characters are virgin aliens on their own world, able to understand that previous humans inhabited a planet similar to theirs (albeit with massive geometric mountains and strange, shiny and now extinct giant animals) yet lacking any cultural context, are unable to comprehend the exact chronology or lineage of their common ancestry.


Directed by Paul de Luna
Stylist: Mindi Smith @ Bernstein & Andriulli
Makeup: Martin Schmid @ Jump Management NYC using Smashbox Cosmetics
Hair: Damian Monzillo @ BeautyWingNY using Phytologie
Models: Aysche Tiefenbrunner @ DNA and Lily Zhi @ IMG
Photographer Assistant: Sebastian Beckman
Stylist Assistant: Fredo Montes
Special thanks to Silver Decoy Winery –  

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  1. this world described by means the eradication of racism, inequality and prejudices. It is certainly a nice reference to an imperfect utopia