Monday, April 4, 2011

Catching A Ride On The Crazy Train

I remember touching down in New York, checking into our ghetto fab temporary apartment in Chelsea and running out to catch a taxi ride that took me literally 4 blocks (rookie). I had no idea I lived right next door to the Meat Packing District where my first day was spent picking up samples for a shoot at DVF, Dannijo, Giuseppe Zanotti. Pinch me, I wasn't in Bali anymore! The pinnacle was walking through the steel doors of Dolce and Gabbana where I was handed a huge beautiful bag of gorgeousness. Really I thought, really, they just gave this to me? (METDC is the best!!!). Welcome to NY where all your dreams come true. Here's the photos and results of that magical day, styling with my dear friend Diana and assisting my amazing friend PDL, one of my favorite photographers. It was such a high of a day and opened up doors I had only dreamed of. Catrinel Menghia is stunning, sweet and obviously very sexy. Thank you team NY for such an amazing welcoming-one I will never ever forget.


  1. Love it! You are so talented! I see manymust have pieces in this post!

  2. the last photo literally took my breath away!

  3. I know that last photo is so chic. Brilliant styling by my friend Diana...Tommy Hilfiger Pants, Marc Jacobs blouse and can't remember the fur. Doesn't show the shoes but they were hot!