Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I N S I G H T -Elizabeth from Spell Designs

My husband and I are looking for a production manager and when asked what the requirements for the job are we said EVERYTHING!  In answer to that the friend said, "ah yes, you need a Lizzy".

Lizzy would be the other half of Spell Designs who is the driving force behind the ever growing Byron Bay label.  The small independent boutique inspires with not only their free loving Fleetwood Mac inspired label, but the way they market the business from their social media to their multi-media platform.  Custom photo shoots and an influx of videos featuring new collections at a regular pace, is what makes Spell very unique and always interesting.

 Spell is also very interactive with their audience and fans and this sort of accessibility is what many brands are missing online.  I suspect it comes very naturally from Lizzy because if you meet her in person she is warm, bubbly, decisive and comfortable. Often if you find her out of the office she's enjoying the beach, relaxing on her gorgeous country porch or treasure hunting at local markets.  And she's kind enough to bring us all into this world through their blog.

POSTED UP: Byron Bay

INSPIRED BY: The handicrafts, adornment and folk art created by artisans from indigenous cultures - I literally get giddy with excitement when I come across these gems on my travels.

CURRENT DESIGNER: The designer that takes my breath away every season without fail is Isabel Marant. If my bank balance allowed I'd fill my wardrobe with it!

BEST RECENT PURCHASE: Spell just bought some calf high Frye biker boots - perfect for winter. But I'm 4 months pregnant and holding off on all purchases until I see how big I get... until then I'll settle for nesting purchases - all I can think about is fluffy woolen rugs for in front of the fire place, day beds, cushions....

COVETING: Is it silly to be coveting one of our own long mottled woolen maxi cardi's that we're bringing out for winter? That is probably a bit silly - in my wildest dreams I guess I'd have to put the new Balmain Fall RTW 2012 with all their intricate detailing of quilted, cross-stitched and pearled leather... stunning!

FAVE WEBSITE: For keeping up to date with all my fave blogs it's definitely blog lovin', for instantaneous mood-board inspiration it's tumblr (faves are Coyote Spirit Child, Peace of Minds, The Bohemian Muse & Sugarhigh+Lovestoned) and for personal style it's always Ashley Glorioso's Pursenboots - she always floors me!

DREAM TRIP ...a secluded South Pacific island with my fiance - nothing but coconuts and white beaches, shells and fresh seafood. Somewhere remote, no people - a stack of trashy mags... No work, no phone, no instagram... just my man and our little bubba growing in my belly!

SOMETHING ABOUT ME... I am obsessed with turquoise. I have been forever. I remember the first time I came across a really old piece of American turquoise set in old, perfectly tarnished silver - I just sat there in this small shop on the Kings Road in London, staring at it - and marveling at this feeling that it brought up inside me... I guess that's where the fascination started.

Photos from Pursenboots, Morgan Maasen (beach shot) and various tumblrs.

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