Thursday, April 18, 2013

We love AHOY!

I met my friend and artist Jai Vasicek one night out while dancing. We were dancing on the coffee table and he says I bumped him off.  I don't know if that is true but the beginning of a very fun and supportive friendship.  Jai is the mastermind behind the boutique AHOY (named for his life growing up on a boat) and has been named one of the top artists in Australia to watch.  Pieces (especially the crosses below) fly out of his shop like crazy and he stays up late at night in his studio whipping up beautiful assemblages of art, using imagery, resin and neon paints.  His instagram posts make me smile and his use of color brightens a bleak day. He does so much more, I couldn't even begin to list what goes on in this mad scientist mind of his. 

In an interview here he says “The word ‘Ahoy’ is a greeting and also a goodbye, a welcoming to a place or a port,” explains Jai. “I envisioned a shop that is always changing and visiting different ports around the world.”

Clearly a man after any bohemian heart.

We've done a couple of collaborations in limited editions of 100 each. These are called portholes that he sells in boutiques across Australia from Fenton and Fenton in Melbourne to Alterior Motif in Noosa. Much more fun to come in the near future!

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