Thursday, May 3, 2012

Insight - Paul De Luna

Insight into the magical mind of Paul De Luna featuring his latest editorial with Alisa Frolkina for Mojeh Magazine-


What was the inspiration behind this editorial?
The poetic answer is that we explored the darkness of an imagined soul wandering her netherworld looking for her long-lost lover, either to reunite with him or to kill him, you decide. A bride jilted by time and space.  The practical answer is that we had to shoot a bridal story and didn't want it to look too bridal or overly sentimental. 

What do you look for in a stylist when you select your team?  How involved are you in the styling?
Depending on the commission my input varies, but I'm generally fortunate to have a strong say and usually pick my own teams. It's extremely important to pick a stylist whose vision complements your own and not just someone who everyone says is good.  I don't know how involved/uninvolved other photographers are with the styling on their shoots, but I do take a hands-on approach while also relying on the individual visions & talents of the team.  Given that I generally write most of my concepts the rest of the creative elements should complement that.  I look for stylists (and hair & makeup) who are unique, independent visionaries as well as having excellent technique in their craft.  In the end, a shoot is about teamwork and not about the individual.

Do you plan your shoots methodically before hand or do they come about organically on set?  
Both.  I'd say it's like creating the perfect storm, and then when on set you just let it unfold and capture it.  I definitely (as of yet) don't block my shots beforehand.  I'd say my shoots are pretty similar in form to jazz improve or a jam session - there's underlying structure which holds the music together, and from there we let it grow spontaneously.  I don't think it's possible to envision certain things until you're really in the moment.

What is it about fashion photography that drives you to produce one incredible shoot after another? used that adjective, not me.  I just try to make them incredible and beat myself up when they're not. Honestly I just really, really love what I do and hopefully that carries through in the images.

Do you feel your talent has come about naturally or that you really have had to cultivate it, or did you feel you always had some sort of vision with your photography from the start?
A combination of nature with nurture.  Talent doesn't go very far without a lot of sweat and tears and sacrifices and discipline.  

What are some challenges that you face that you feel you still need to overcome?
So many I don't even want to think about them. But we're always growing and overcoming, and we just have to enjoy the journey and the point where we are on that journey.  We'll be somewhere else soon enough.

What's next for Paul De Luna?
Surf trip.  And a bunch of other photographic & film projects.

Makeup by Carmindy


  1. Great images!!!

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  4. wow his photos are all so incredible (haha your adjective) ... I was really just swept up in the poetic meanings behind every picture. Each one just presents fashion in a different light and manner.
    I also love what he said about talent, great interview too :)