Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Decorating With Books, a Novel Idea

Whether it's a small stack on a coffee table, or an entire wall of packed shelves, books bring a warm, established vibe to a room. Plus, being book smart is sexy so show off those bindings!

Some tips:
1. Hardcover is preferred over paperback
2. For a stylized look color coordinate
3. Don't alphabetize, or use the Dewey Decimal System, that's just dorky
4. If your taste in literature is questionable, or you just want a modern look, cover your books in paper
5. Don't judge a book by its content, even a bad read can be pretty on the outside (no snarky social commentary here)
6. If you're more of a magazine reader, those work too. Vogue can certainly be classified as reading material

That said, here are some books on beautiful display...

Karl Lagerfeld's library. How great is his quote... and his room!?

Aerin Lauder's study

Kelly Wearstler's design at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica

Molly Sims New York apartment, there are a few books in there

Carrie Bradshaw's apartment in Sex and the City uses magazines not books

A Jonathan Adler design

A scene from Coco avant Chanel

Color coordinated in Badgley & Mischka's Kentucky kitchen

Love how these books are all covered in white

Classic and timeless

Even in a very modern space, a book collection like this is a perfect fit

Hanging art in front of the bookshelves gives a nice layered look and the black paint is bold and lovely

Can you see, they actually used a real ladder, fantastic!

Here are some shots from my own space (and no, I haven't read them all)...

All lined up in a windowsill along with antique porcelain book ends

Stacked underneath a console table

Stacked on coffee table

If you want to beef up your collection here are some great resources:

Books By The Yard
Book Decor
Strand Bookstore

Want more info? Here's a book about decorating with books

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