Friday, September 25, 2009

On The Mossy Side

I first become aware of Moss when I dined at, the now closed, NY restaurant Centovini. The restaurant displayed lighting fixtures from Moss and I was immediately enamored with the whimsical designs. When Centovini closed I discovered the Moss retail store in SoHo and I now make frequent trips. It's like going to the coolest museum, and budget allowing, being able to purchase the art. From silverware to grand pianos, the Moss collection is a trip to a more interesting reality... I like to think that if I fell down a rabbit hole, this is what that world would look like.

Oh, and side note... If you like a little chow with your funky lamps and chotchkies then check out the display/store designed by Philippe Stark at Bazaar Restaurant at the SLS Hotel in LA. Chef Jose Andres does not disappoint either.

Now take a walk through the moss...

The above are from the Moss exhibit Where There's Smoke, by artist Maarten Baas. I found myself day dreaming about these pieces long after seeing them. There is something both spooky and beautiful about burnt furniture.

The above images are of the Bazaar Restaurant and gallery at the SLS Hotel in LA

I am not a fan of guns typically but somehow done in gold, with a classic black shade, this Philippe Starke lamp oozes cool to me. (Also available in rifle size!)

From gorgeous to buggy, there is lighting for every taste

Shouldn't everyone have a bust of Benjamin Franklin and a gold piggy bank?

Unexpected, whimsical and gorgeous pieces from multiple Moss exhibits

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