Monday, October 19, 2009

Bali Jewelry Designer, Becky Hosmer

Anna Beck Jewelry is designed, and handmade, in Bali by designer Becky Hosmer. Each piece is made with a different ancient Balinese technique that dates back hundreds of years.

I first found out about Anna Beck jewelry through my stylish and dear friend Tiana (guest blogger, October 15th) when I saw a beautiful statement ring she was wearing. A few months later I contacted the company to see if I could borrow some jewelry for a photo shoot I was working on. I was surprised, and then again not so surprised, to find out the designer was one of my neighbors in Canggu, Bali. It’s a small world after all! Since then, I have used Becky’s jewelry in numerous shoots. The richness of her jewelry and silver and gold tones always photograph beautifully and add that special touch and some bohemian bling to the overall styling. After every shoot, the models line up to ask me if they can order (or rather keep) pieces of hers we use.

Becky is a cool, laid back woman. She’s entrepreneurial and very spiritual. She’s a traveler at heart and always a pleasure to talk to. Her line is distributed worldwide, at both small boutiques and large retailers like Nordstroms.

Recently, I spotted and got to use her Java collection featured here. I fell in love instantly. Studded cuffs. Studded stud earrings. Studded rings. Amazing quality and craftsmanship.

Each of her lines is named after an island in Indonesia. Becky- hear our calling…we love your creations so keep them coming. After all, Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagos’ in the world so there is no shortage of names for your future designs!

Java Collection

Lombok Collection

Gili Collection

Timor Collection
The Bali Collection

From the 2009 Lookbook

Gili Saddle Ring, Gili Drop Earrings, Lombok Band Ring

Bali Link Necklace, Lombok Drop Earrings, Gili Band Ring, Gili Dish Ring

Bali Double Hoop Earrings, Bali Leather Cuff, Lombok Saddle Ring

Bali Large Medallion Necklace, Gili Dish Earrings, Lombock Cuff

Designer, Becky Hosmer

Available online at Anna Beck Designs


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