Monday, November 23, 2009

Aussie Goodness and Bali Uniforms

I've certainly done a lot of dreaming about fantasy wardrobes, most of which are much better suited for Fall in New York or Winter in Paris. The truth of the matter is, I live in Bali which has its own wonderful magic and style, albeit a bit warmer than most. So who are my go to designers here in paradise? I’m going to let you in on a little secret of the amazing Australian designers living and working in Bali to create what has become part of my daily and nightly uniforms.

Elissa Coleman - I was lucky enough to style her first winter collection shot by our friend the talented Nick Morley. Elissa is an amazing interior stylist and designer and one drools over her clothes merely by touch. She employs a team for hand painted silk treats via a waxing technique. I wish I could show you shots from the line we worked on, gorgeous black silk kimono jackets, but here’s a line from her Spring/Summer this year…the rest of the winter line pics are still on hold waiting to cast their fabulousness onto the world.

Woodford and Co. – Sheree Commerford is a good friend and one of my favorite people I’ve met on my travels. She’s drop dead gorgeous and has the warmest heart. And this girl knows clothes. Every season she drops me a bag of amazing goodies. Her dresses have become my go to dresses for evening and I always get compliments. Even Gossip Girl and Sarah Jessica have come calling for these original and classic with a girly-ness and sophisticated twist.

Alice McCall - if you haven’t heard of Alice, you are missing out. Her designs have to be one of my all time favorite. Edgy, sexy and unique. Did I say my all time favorite? See for yourself.

One Teaspoon - One teaspoon is an old favorite of mine! I remember when I started visiting Australia over 10 years ago and would come home stocked with cool t-shirts. Jaime is still going strong and better than ever. Just recently I asked for the list below and am eagerly waiting my package for everyday wear that is on trend but innovative, comfortable and has major attention to details. On top of it all Jaime is as cool and fun as her clothes.

Aila Blue - And a shout out to my good friend Mai, an American designer who’s debut line Aila Blue is coming to a boutique near you. Her silk print ikat dresses and fit like a glove jersey sexiness will win you over for day and night. There is a lot of special stuff coming from this designer and line… so be on the look out at your favorite boutique!

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