Thursday, November 12, 2009

Guest Stylist - Lora Wijana

Lora Wijana is half Balinese and half Canadian and lives part time in both Bali and on the Sunshine coast, a peninsula off of Vancouver. She’s a jet setting superstar who you will find singing and dancing on stage at her husband Brett’s shows ( and Lora is stunningly gorgeous (look at that picture for instance) and incredibly down to earth, Best of all she enjoys her life with a positivity and embrace that is rare in today’s world. She is funny and athletic, grounded and fun. What more could you want in a girlfriend. Oh and she’s a great shopper too…can’t fail to mention that. Today she shares with us some of her favorite places in Vancouver and her eye for style. We are very excited to have her as a guest blogger today and hope to see more contributions in the near future.

Lora Wijana

Vancouver with Lora:

I live in a funky little town called Gibsons (just voted the most livable community in the world under 20k), on the Sunshine Coast, a peninsula off of Vancouver….to get here you have to take a 40 min ride on a ferry!

I try to at least go into the city every other weekend.
Vancouver is a beautiful city! Fabulous shopping in all areas. I love going for Americanos with my girlfriend Kelsey, my partner fashion addict (our fav spot is Urban Fare, where they have the best petite chocolate croissant), then we usually do some shopping! Aritzia and Blue Ruby is a must! Chinatown is a super fun part of the City, a great dose of Asia when I'm missing Bali. I love spending the whole day there buying all the Asian spices and unique Chinese items you can only find there.

The nightlife in Vancouver is a lot of fun, not as crazy as Jl. Legian in Bali... but depends on where you go! I partake in club life enough to not be recognized by the bouncers but can get in the VIP line if I chose to! Enjoy a little slice of the Vancouver I know and love...

Urban Fare


Blue Ruby

Leather pants – check! Priscilla hair– check! Bubbly – check! Invitation from Sybil Steel to be a guest stylist for the “The Style Collective” blog…CHECK! And Hooray!

As I flipped through the most recent ELLE Canada looking for the latest who’s, what’s, when’s and why’s in fashion I realize I want to take it back to the basics - in my case for the rainy, windy and cloudy November in British Columbia. Here are my favorite key pieces… made for the office superstar, who parties like a rock star... (without looking like a porn star), and cozy fall brunch dates!

Wilfred blazer & dress


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