Monday, December 7, 2009

Goodies For The Mini-Me's

In case you didn’t know… I happen to live with a mermaid and a princess. Yep, you heard me… sometimes they even change titles. For Christmas, I’d like to spoil the two… though I’d sneakily hide the goods (sugar) after the first dive in. Here’s a fantasy wish list of Christmas goodies to indulge in for my mini-me’s.

The princess and the mermaid

Hable Construction Christmas Stockings. Bad news - SOLD OUT - good news - Plenty of time to still order for next year.

Custom Mobiles by Frazier And Wing. Perfect confections of paper to hang in the playroom corner. As long as the kids don’t think it’s to swing on!

Thanks Rachael Zoe for the tip and link: Candy Cane Meringue Cookies by Cake Monkey.

Anything from Dylan’s Candy Bar - Any child or adults' sweet tooth fantasy.

OK, who can resist a frilly, over the top petti-skirt. Kaiya Eve’s are gorgeous eye candy.

Essential Winter and party gear from Neiman Marcus.

Alex Toys Super Art Studio at Barneys.

Tickets to Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker (in NY). Available at Time Out New York.

Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry organic facials at The Spa Baby.

Pink retro kid's kitchen at Pottery Barn Kids.

I recommend this book, Big Sister Little Sister to anyone with two girls. It is spot on and the kids relate to the charming story of the unique roles of big sister and little sister.

A Chagall. Every kid needs a Chagall! The paintings are whimsical, full of love and imagery, animals and fantasy. To capture the imagination of every budding artist.

Last but not least, their own little cardboard playhouse they can color and decorate. Available at Baby Geared.

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