Monday, December 28, 2009

New Years Dream Party 20010

If I could host my dream end-of-the-year celebration and invite anyone, listen to the best, serve the most decadent and wear my fashion loves, these would be on the list...

On the guest list...

Dree Hemingway - DNA goes a long way in this family
Alexa Chung - Your best party girl sidekick
Siri Tollerod - All your fav pictures have been of her - Amazing model
Carine Roitfeld -Tips on sex and styling. What else is there?
Scott Schuman - Dripping with good taste and an impeccable eye
Helmut Newton - Dripping with good stories and amazing photography
Karl Lagerfeld - Dripping in himself, but we love it

Live Tunes by...

Charlotte Gainsbourg IRM - Releasing Jan 2010. Maybe she’d bring along some vintage Birkin Bag party favors?

On the menu...

Caviar and Champage. Easy!
photo courtesy of Colin Cowie

What I’d wear...

For recovery day...

A massage and a day in bed watching Gossip Girl or the Rachael Zoe Project marathon.

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