Monday, February 15, 2010

Bar None - The Most Beautiful Mahattan Bars

After a late dinner with friends on Friday night the group was headed to NYC's Boom Boom Room - a club notoriously difficult to get into. At five months pregnant the Boom Boom Room was probably not the best place for me to go so I sadly declined but a friend of mine said since I was into interior design I should check out some pictures online (a sad substitute yes but inspiring none the less). Fashioned after the likes of Studio 54, this fantastically hip 70's styled lounge does not disappoint from a design perspective. It got me thinking, Manhattan is full of insanely gorgeous bars. When the lights are low and it's packed to the gills with fashionistas and hipsters it can be hard to see the beauty around you so today I bring you a rare, sober, lights-on, snapshot of some of NYC's most stylish bars...

My personal fave, Gold Bar

The bar at The Bowery Hotel


  1. Doesn't the "preggo fashionista" vibe work to get you in? I'd let you in. Great pix!

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