Monday, June 21, 2010

Mirror Mirror Not On The Wall

Time to break out the Windex, today is all about mirrored furniture. This trend has been around for a while, and some may argue has been overplayed, but I think done in moderation the right amount of reflection is perfect in every room. If you can tolerate the constant cleaning of fingerprints then consider one of these great pieces.


I recently purchased this chest for my nursery - we're converting it into a changing table. Practical? Perhaps not. Chic? For sure.

"Milk" Mirrored Chest from Horchow

Loving the gold and black combination of this entertainment cabinet.

"Aaren" Entertainment Cabinet at Horchow

I wish I knew where this table was from, if you do, let me know!!

Gold and Mirror coffee table. Photo courtesy of Decor Pad.

These mirrored tables add just the right amount of glamor and are SO inexpensive it's a no-brainer.

Faceted Mirror Side Tables from West Elm

You have to be really comfortable with how you look in the morning to have a mirrored bed.

Photo courtesy of Domino Magazine (we miss you!)

The delicate lines of this vanity are so sweet and I am also loving the black feather curtain tie-backs!

Barcelona Mirrored Dressing Table

Since you can see a reflection in Aerin Lauder's gold desk I'll classify it as mirrored. It's so stunning I had to include it!

Vintage Desk Designed by Gabriella Crespi available on 1st Dibs

Reflect on that for a while!

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