Monday, July 19, 2010

Isabel and Ruben Toledo - A Love Story

So I am back from baby-having and although my life is now about burp cloths and nursing bras (and loving every minute!) I still daydream about the day I'll be able to slip back into my Herve Leger and Louboutins. Style is still top of mind and with that I bring you a love story that merges two of my favorite worlds - Fashion and Illustration.

Meet Isabel and Ruben Toledo...

When illustrator Ruben Toledo first spied Isabel in his high school classroom he was instantly smitten with this Cuban beauty. With a shared love for design and art, they one day married and formed a powerful, style-rich partnership. Isabel is a fashion designer who recently gained notoriety by designing Michele Obama's inauguration day coat and Ruben, an illustrator with a whimsical style, has produced memorable pieces like the ad campaign he did for Nordstrom.

I love both of their work and I am sure I'd love them as a couple all well. What a pair!

Isabel and Ruben Toledo

The couple in their Manhattan loft

Isabel's work...

Michele Obama in a coat designed by Isabel Toledo

Ruben's work...

Ruben Toledo's work for Nordstrom

Ruben Toledo has been commissioned by Penguin books to illustrate new covers to classic novels, I'll have to buy the entire collection, they are hauntingly beautiful.

Isabel and Ruben by Ruben Toledo

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