Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Shellac Yourself

I just stumbled upon the best beauty invention since Latisse. A manicure that takes 30 minutes, has zero dry time and lasts a minimum of 14 days. The genius product developers at Creative Nail Design launched Shellac a few months ago and my manicurist can hardly keep us with the demand. The colors are a little limited but they've got two winners in the collection... Negligee (a perfect neutral) and Fedora (a dark Vamp-esque shade). I'm on day 12 and still looking shiny and fresh! The only hitch is that you need to go to a Shellac-certified salon to get the service. But at only $10 more than the cost of a standard manicure, it's well worth the trip.

A Shellac'd Nail from Creative Nail Design

Shellac Fedora

Shellac Negligee

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