Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Magic Carpet Ride

My obsession du jour is carpet.  I love a wood floor but in our new apartment I want the nursery to be cozy, so good-ol-fashion, wall-to-wall carpet is where I am going.  At the same time I want it bold and fun, no pastel polka dots or subtle stripes.  Finding the right carpet was harder than I thought, so I kept my handy inspiration pics nearby when I shopped, store after store.  These kept me motivated...

Photo credits: Decor Pad

In the end I chose this diamond pattern by Bloomsburg. Hope it works!  I'll be sure to post a photo of the room when it's done so you can decide.

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  1. Les, so funny, the pic with the gray-blue couch, light blue rug and giant while painting is in my "Design Ideas" folder. ;)