Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bangalow fills the void

Hey it's hard being an American abroad without the comforts of home such as Starbucks, Neimans, of the moment shows and Anthropologie of course.  Luckily for us there is a little magical town called Bangalow that has vintage furniture and home goods that are just as noteworthy.  My gorgeous sister in law Nicole and I did a stroll about town and did some window shopping.  With 5 kids in tow and a bunch of other people with us who just wanted to go surfing.  Lazy Sundays, are the best. 


  1. Love your header and love your blog!
    Follow you now, follow me back?

  2. I can't wait to go back to Bangalow!!!! You captured it beautifully as usual!!! We had some fun didn't we, now more purchases to follow :) Xoxo nic

  3. ahh!!! we were both blogging the same day! haha :)

    i was going to snap some pics of you in your flowing crochet cape but i was too embarrassed haha :) xx treehouse coffee in the sun soon?