Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gary Pepper Vintage

I remember taking a look at this gorgeous girl at some after show drinks during RAFW and thinking how striking she was.  It didn't occur to me until much later that she was such a well know blogger (80,000 fans on facebook and growing).  Her style is amazing...I don't know if I could do the long skirts and lady like shoes, but she does it with grace, style and a twist of modernity.  Check her out featured on the General Pants Colour Your World video below featuring another loved blogger, Mandy from Oracle Fox and up and coming model Krystal who I just had the pleasure shooting and my husband directing in a new campaign coming out in January of 2012.


  1. love her blog, she is beyond gorgeous


  2. sheesh..she looks otherworldly'.. so enchanting!
    LOVE the little dainty socks with the heels :)