Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sunny Day

We are down right giddy that our guest today took time out of her insanely busy schedule to share her talent with us. We'd like to introduce you to Sunny Ravanbach, event planner to the stars, and owner of White Lilac, Inc. Sunny's photos will speak for themselves so all the gushing we'd LIKE to do we'll refrain from, but... Sunny, we're in awe, you are a magician and an artist and we'd love to live in your world of fantasy, but for now we'll just enjoy our visit. I asked Sunny how she approaches an event and she said, "I've never really thought about that, it just happens." Ahhhh, sheer talent. Thankfully Sunny thought about it for a few days and here's her answer....

Sunny Ravanbach

I approach any event with the client in mind. They often come in with a vague idea of what they are attracted to and by looking at how they dress, their jewelry, their manner of speech, I pick up a vibe ... From there I embellish their taste and lead them to the proper color composition and proportions of necessary elements.

Let's look at the recent dinner I planned for Dior (photos below)... I had a meeting with three of their reps who all came in monochromatic attire (note to self: they appreciate tone on tone). Next, they presented me prior pictures of Dior events and all had a very white and silver color palette (second note to self: white is important). Then they proceeded to say they wanted more warmth without deviation from white (substitute the cool silver with a warm glow) So I knew right away that the look must be anchored around white completely washed by the warmth of candle light.

Other clients come in with what I call confused style. They will show me a watercolor of butterflies in tones of purple lavender and orange, along with the Fall line for a major clothing designer, picking up on similar colors but very structured and geometric. I then help the client understand that although they are drawn to a specific color scheme, their styles are opposing (totally Anthropology vs. Narcisco Rodriguez). So can it be done? Yes, the event therefore will follow the colors but mix the styles through minimal flowers and small eclectic whimsical touches.

Lastly, there is the client with, we'll just say interesting, taste. The one who is hell bent on red and white for example. I ask them where they have seen red and white that appeals to them. More often than not, it's an image of a red and white oversized whirly pop or a red and white polka dotted piece of clothing. I then communicate to them that they are more drawn to the happy whimsical aspirations of the color scheme and in a large scale a red table cloth with red and white won't work. I show them a way to blend color and whimsy, i.e. all red tent all red flowers with stark white chairs and a fun whimsical dance floor ceiling treatment made of all red and white candy chandeliers. (I never mix opposing colors in florals and linens) See, it can be done! The client gets everything they want, without it looking like red and white polka dotted muumuu.

The final result in all of these cases, is a singular environment derived from multiple inspirations.

Dior Dinner...

Weddings, celebrity parties, showers, birthdays, any reason to celebrate...

Cheers to celebrations!

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  1. gorgeous, lovely, inspired! Makes me want to throw a party.