Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Guest Stylist - Devon Wilson

Devon Wilson is an aspiring interior designer based in San Diego. She is the go to style consultant for everything-interiors, fashion, cuisine and anything creative. The list goes on and on. Her attitude towards living life indicates the importance of simplicity. To study her apartment is like reading the latest issue of Elle Decor and the girl looks fabulous in Isabel Marant. She has a grace about her that makes it all look so effortless and we suppose it is for her! In this sense, she is a true artist and not to mention, one of American's sweetest.

Devon will be filling us in on one of her favorite artists: Patrick Chapman.

Devon Wilson

Pat Chapman is a long time friend and fiancé of my best friend, and he is also one of my favorite contemporary artists on the scene today. I loved visiting Pat’s tiny art studio in Los Angeles. It’s completely overwhelming and, as I would imagine many art studios to be, a mess. I had to resist my obsessive compulsive urges to immediately start organizing and tidying up. I think Pat picked up on my shock and offered me a beer. Every surface is covered with empty paint cans, spray paint bottles, magazines, paint pens, brushes, and books. He has paintings covering the walls and most surfaces as well as sketches and smaller pieces strewn about the floor. I stepped on one of these smaller ones accidentally and felt terrible about it until Pat said not to worry, “I’m not keeping that one.” It looked great to me and it looks even better now framed in my living room! That has to be some sort of a faux pas in the art world, but I’m not sure. The majority of his pieces are larger than life canvases dripping with bright colors and bold shapes. Pat can have ten paintings going at one time, breaking from one to work on another, adding to the overall chaos and energy of his studio and in his art. It was really interesting to see the progression that his work goes through to get from blank canvas to finished piece. Many of Pat’s paintings are strange and eerie abstractions of people and faces. His twin brother and older brother are recurring elements in a lot of his work as is his fiancé. Pat has several cityscapes that are amazing as well. I have included pictures of some of my favorites but visit his website to see more past and future projects and to get information on upcoming events.

In addition to his painting, Patrick recently worked with Phillipe Stark to create chalkboards that adorn the restaurant of the new SLS hotel, which we highlighted back in a September post

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