Thursday, January 7, 2010

Guest Stylist - Alexis Garrett

To know Alexis Garrett is to love her. As an artist, interior designer, gourmet cook, traveler, writer, wife and mother, she is truly a renaissance woman. On most days Alexis can be found in her Art Barn creating the designs for Fern and Feather, her thriving collection of bespoke children’s clothing and toys. Her beautiful aesthetic lends endless inspiration to us girls at The Style Collective and today she shares with us her ‘favorite things’ – the people, places, and objects that have captured her heart and mind. Check out Alexis’ blog for an ongoing peek into her fabulously creative world.

Alexis Garrett

My Favorite Things...

When the Style Collective asked me to guest blog my first thought was what an honor and my next thought was what the heck am I going to say? After much brainstorming I decided to make a list of my favorite things. It goes without saying that my most favorite things under the sun are my amazing husband, my little boy, my family, my friends and all the blessings that I have in my life. But since that is obvious, I thought I would focus on the less obvious things. The things that I am love love loving right now, this moment, today. The things that I think about at a red light, the things that I want to publicize so that someone else can fall in love. Well, here they are.

old photos:
There is nothing better than an old photo that gives us a hint of what someone looked like, smelled like, acted like. This is a photo of my grandmother and her boyfriend before she met my grandfather.

sewing on paper:
The possibilities are endless; pendants, garland, love letters, books.

cardiff by the sea:
Home. I love our little spot.

vintage thread:
I bought some vintage thread a couple months ago {mostly because I loved the wooden spools}. After a couple stitches I was hooked. Something about the weight, sheen, and feel is far superior to modern day thread.

Donald Kaufman color:
As an interior designer I have never done a project without using Donald Kaufman Paint Colors. Every color is so genius, I could talk about his colors for hours. Today I am especially smitten by his grays.

Otis and Maclain:
I am love love loving Otis & Maclain's amazing tops. I fell in love last week at one of my favorite local boutiques - Tucci.

family heirlooms:
As you can tell I am in love with all things old and jewelry is no exception. This locket was given to me before my son was born. It was my great great grandmother's and has a photo of my great grandfather - Charles - in it. When my mother gave it to me she didn't know we were having a boy and she didn't know that his middle name would be Charles. This has been on the top of my favorite things list for a long time.

favorite song:
Don't you love having a favorite song? The type of song that you can listen to on repeat for an hour. Well here is mine - Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. I am sure it is hormones, but I got choked up when I heard it on the radio yesterday {sometimes I wonder why I feel the need to admit EVERYTHING}.

Thank you girls for giving me the floor. I hope you enjoyed my favorite things.


  1. Fabulous! I adore all my lovely creative and talented girlfriends, and the inspiration they bring! xoxo