Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Hit List

I landed in San Francisco over a week or so ago and high tailed it to Barneys to stock up on some "essentials". Here is what's on my hit list...

LOVE these ballet flats by Lanvin . I've been living in them night and day. If I could score a pair with a silver chain duo as well...I'd been a happy girl. Worth the investment, they are chic and feel like the best traveling shoes ever. Note- they are not security line friendly as you have to de-jewel your ankles every time which takes longer than usual, but well worth the inconvenience!

SEARCHING for my next carry all but so many decisions and want to make the right choice. Barneys definitely has the best selection but I missed my chance. Next time! See you around Arena Tricolor.

SCORED the matte black velvet and do'r illusion from the Chanel Shanghai collection. The tip here is not to do a typical black nail or a glittery gold nail, but to layer and get creative. Black tips on gold as shown here in the photo or the matte black with the do'r overlay for some dimension. Note-these are available at Chanel stores only... skip right on past Barney's to Maiden Lane.

NEED desperately some emergency treatment. My skin is paying the price from airplanes and late nights jumping from event to event. Next time around, I will pick up this jar of repair cream by Revive.

Thank you Barneys - TSC loves you!

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