Tuesday, May 4, 2010

9 By Design

Because raising just one child in this crazy city called Manhattan is a little overwhelming, it's with great awe and admiration that I watch the hectic, high-style, life of the Novogratz family. Bravo TV's latest voyeur fascination, 9 By Design, is a show about a family of 9 (2 outnumbered adults and 7 adorable kids) who live in NYC, renovate and flip, commercial and residential spaces... some of which they live in. What captures my attention most about the show isn't the fact that they are raising a gaggle of kids (that concept seems all too familiar in reality TV) it's their devil-may-care attitude to design that makes me tune in. True, they have the luxury of big budgets and amazing spaces but there is a lesson for all of us in the way they approach design... use what you love. Buy something that you may not have a place for, you'll find one and your home will be a reflection of you because of it.

Some spaces designed by SixxDesign...

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