Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A New Friend From The UK

I've always been a sucker for a Britt so it's no wonder I have fallen totally in love with an online store from across the pond. I first found ASOS when I was looking for cool maternity clothes (surprisingly hard to find here in the ol' US) and I was floored by the great options, prices and quality. Below are a few of my purchases which have garnered numerous "Oh my gosh, where did you find that cute maternity ______ ?". The best part is, this store rocks for non-maternity as well. They have men's, shoes and accessories, and my new favorite, a kids department.

I was going to keep this my little secret but that's not very blogger-esque of me so here goes, enjoy!!

My maternity picks...

It's all about stripes this season - even if you're a little rounder than usual! This striped dress ($27) has been a summer staple.

I pretty much wear this over-the-belly tube skirt ($17) non-stop

This strappy dress ($37) has a Missoni vibe to it, it's been super easy to throw on and stay cool

These cropped motorcycle jeans ($50) have been great teamed with any color tank

I paired this Embellished woven tunic ($59) with a white mini tube skirt from American Apparel

This embellished neck swing dress ($93) is great for date nights, which we are trying to get while we can!

My, YEAH-I-can-fit-into-normal-clothes-again picks...

Kid's picks...

Are you kidding me!? How cute is this kisses onsie ($13)!!

Floral harem pants ($47) - so sassy!

Happy shopping!

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