Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My NYC Spots

An old friend of mine was planning a trip to NYC and wanted to know my favorite downtown spots. Why not share them with everyone! Since I think it best to eat your way through the city these are mostly restaurants, but I threw in a museum for good measure. Here are my picks, do you have any you'd like to share?

Lower East Side:

Shillers - GREAT bistro food
Supper - excellent Italian food (Drew Barrymore's favorite haunt)
Apizz - another fantastic Italian spot
Freemans - very Lower East Side vibe, lots of taxidermy, very cozy and killer drinks

NoLita (North of Little Italy):

New Museum Of Contemporary Art
La Esquina - very trendy restaurant (taco stand, cafe and underground restaurant - the later is hard to get into but the cafe upstairs is easy and the food is the same, the taco stand is a walk up type place if you're looking for something cheap and fast)


Tons of shopping on Broadway, gets a little crowded but worth it if you can handle the crowd.

Saturdays Surf Shop - I haven't yet been but Laura says it's a must. Hey if Anna Wintour shops there, why not!
Delicatessen - trendy spot, decent food, always good for a John Mayer sighting.

West Village:

If you like Marc Jacobs you can hit five of his stores in a two block radius. This neighborhood is super quaint and worth a visit even if you don't like Marc Jacobs.

Spotted Pig - best burger you'll ever have
L'Artusi - super yummy
August - perfect brunch spot
Employees Only - bar, gets a little crowded but great drinks
Commerce - gorgeous street, quintessential West Village, great restaurant

Once you've hit the West Village head North and check out the Meatpacking District, there the shopping and eating continues, you can't go wrong there for nightlife.


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